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Lose Weight

Personalized Menu plans and exercise programs designed just for you,

Small Group Training

Work out with two to five other people and see results, while having fun.  

Personal Training

Tone up, train to reach a new fitness goal or just to get into shape.

Personal Training Rates

30 minutes $30.00

45 minutes $45.00

60 minutes $55.00

Small Group Rates

Design your own 4, 6, 8 or 10 week small group training class.  Rates will vary depending on days per week and length of sessions.

Free Consultation

Call or Text us at 803-599-6700 to schedule your free consultation..  Start your health Revolution today!!!!!  Email us at REVOLTCYCLE@GMAIL.COM


VirtuAL personal training

Virtual Online......

Online weight loss and personal training programs.  

Achieve success in your own home.  We will design the perfect diet and exercise program, you can do at home.

Then check in with us daily and update your food journals and exercise logs!!!

Menu Plans

Customized menu and eating plans for you and your family.

Affordable Weekly and Monthly Program Fees

No contracts or long term commitments,  Pay weekly or monthly for the services you choose.

Schedule your free consultation